VAG Technik was born in 2009 out of a passion for cars, specifically the Volkswagen and Audi brands. Founding members Shaun Mooloo, Sugen Govender, Jody Ponnusami and Jeremy Boltman (who has since moved on from the company) had a long history with modifying and tuning these German cars and the next logical step was to turn that passion into a fully-fledged business. The combined, long history of the members served as comprehensive research and development on all the different tuning brands and software that was available for their cars at the time. When it came time to establish the company as a specialist tuner and to pass their expertise on to the public, they all agreed that the United Kingdom-based Revo was the way forward.

Why Revo? The parent company was started in 2002 in Daventry, England and is known as a pioneer in the aftermarket performance tuning game thanks to their patented, switchable mapping technology Serial Port Switch (SPS) that is capable of offering car owners switchable performance with re-mapped software on the vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) with communication via the car’s OBDII port. Besides the ease of use, Revo continually works to expand their reach in the automotive world; the company not only caters for the Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda) but has also added Ford and KTM to the fold. The company boasts a global reach with distribution in over 40 countries through an authorised network of over 400 dealers and Performance Centres  – VAG Technik takes it’s place in the expansive network as the Gauteng Master Dealer heading up the ever-growing Southern African dealer network.

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